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Business Bootstrapped

Stoked you're here! Let's be good to future you together :) to learn more about me head over to

Feb 24, 2022

In this episode, i get to speak with Jared. He wants to know how to get an Amazon store up and running. What do the terms mean and how can he do it. We also get to talk about Tezos (xtz) one of my favorite cryptocurrencies. @vanadergrowth on Instagram

Feb 18, 2022

In this episode, I get to speak with Marissa one of my students. she wants to build destination air bnbs but her business takes all of her time. We talk about how to buy her time back by putting systems and employees in place to transform a job into a real business. To join vanader business school head over to

Feb 11, 2022

Today I get to speak with Pradeep who recently purchased a care home franchise. Together we figure out the best way to make it work and weave it into his business model. We also talked about the proper way to involve your wife in the business and what to do with real estate!